Locerin hair restorer Locerin is a hair restorer for women whose effect has been confirmed in clinical studies. The composition of the hair Locerin has unique properties that have an effective effect on hair and hair growth.

Locerin effect

This can Locerin be used:

  • To improve the hair structure
  • Against hair loss
  • For healthy hair from the hair roots
  • For strengthening hair growth from the hair follicle onwards
  • To strengthen the hair and make it more flexible
  • To improve grip
  • To lend lustre
  • For refreshing the natural hair colour
  • For eliminating, preventing and stopping split ends
  • For the care of the scalp up to the hair roots
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Locerin advantages

You have these advantages with Locerin :
Locerin effectIf you use the product Locerin, you will get healthier hair and can style it more easily. Your hair is strengthened from the hair root to the tip and can regenerate much better. It also stimulates your hair growth. This does not only mean that hair loss is a thing of the past and that your hair can grow faster and become stronger! In addition, the product gives your hair much more shine. Hairstyles hold better and are easier to style because the structure of the hair becomes better. And you can say goodbye to Spliss!

What is it Locerin anyway?

Locerin is a hair loss remedy for women that consists of several components. Your hair growth is stimulated in a natural way and hair loss is significantly reduced, while the scalp is cared for. Your body is supported by the product. It puts more energy into the hair follicles, which makes each hair stronger and can grow faster and denser.

Locerin is available in the form of capsules. You have to take 2 of these a day to get a visible effect. The product is intended for women and has been developed to meet the needs of women. It also improves the appearance of your skin and has a positive effect on your fingernails.

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How it works Locerin:

The nutrient components in the capsules work virtually hand in hand as a cure with each other and are perfectly matched to each other. They support your body in its work so that it can take better care of hair production.

The component AnaGain™Nu was developed using a process based on the DNA microarray. It stimulates special signalling molecules and dermal papilla cells. These in turn are responsible for the growth of new hair.

The effect of the product Locerin has been proven through research. Test results showed a strong increase in noggin and FGF7 grades.

Nogging is a protein that shortens the telogen phase of the hair. In the telogen phase, the metabolic activity of the hair is stopped. It’s not growing any more, it’s atrophying slowly. Meanwhile a new hair grows, which pushes out the dead hair – it falls out and the new hair comes out. If the telogen phase is shortened, new hairs grow back faster.

FGF7 – supports the proliferation of keratinocytes at the beginning of the anagen phase. The anagen phase is the growth phase. The new hairs form in the hair follicle and become longer and thicker.

These ingredients are available in Locerin:

The preparation has a lot of ingredients that work perfectly together. Each active ingredient has an important role and is good for body and hair. The components work like a puzzle. The parts interlock and form a wonderful component that is effective for hair problems.

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AnaGain™ Nu:
Locerin constituentsThis component is an extract from the organic green pea germ. It significantly reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It also makes the hair stronger and gives it a more lively structure.

Bamboo and horsetail:
Locerin bambooBoth are good sources of silica. It gives the hair new strength and gives it the opportunity to regenerate. It also makes the hair grow faster and more resistant. Damage such as split ends is no longer an issue. These two ingredients make fingernails stronger and skin smoother.

Locerin black pepperBioperine is a valuable extract of black pepper. It allows the body to absorb the other ingredients not only faster, but also better. This allows him to process the active ingredients better. Without this ingredient, the effect of the product would be much smaller.

Locerin distilled extractAlthough the stinging donkey is only a weed for many people, anyone who takes a closer look at it knows that it is much more than just that. It can be used for many things and has some natural ingredients that can be helpful. Stinging donkey is an excellent preventive remedy against hair loss, which it can even stop. It gives the hair new strength, shine and vitality. It also gives the skin a beautiful complexion and makes fingernails more flexible and stronger.

Locerin Ingredient CopperCopper is one of the most valuable but also most well-known elements.

It plays a major role in hair pigmentation and can prevent graying, as well as make the natural hair color more luminous.

It is also responsible for elasticity, which in turn is important against hair breakage.

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Locerin LucerneLucerne is important for the hair root and stimulates hair growth. At the same time it can stop hair loss and makes the hair generally healthier.

It is often a component of hair restorer.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM):
Locerin with methylsulfonylmethane MSMMSM is active sulphur. It contributes to the synthesis of hair proteins and makes the hair thicker and stronger.

It also stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

In addition to these ingredients, which are the main components, the Locerin capsules also consist of other components that make the perfect composition complete and almost perfect. The entire list of ingredients is this one: Green Peashoot Extract – AnaGain ™ Nu Horsetail Herbal [7% Kieselsäure]Extract Nettle Leaf Extract Bamboo Stem Extract Alfalfa [70% Kieselsäure]Leaf Extract Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Paprika [10% Capsaicin]Extract Black Pepper Extract – BioPerine® Vitamin C Niacin Biotin Magnesium Zinc Copper Manganese Selenium

Locerin Application

Locerin Hair Growth Capsules This is how the product is applied: The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules daily. The capsules should be taken with a glass of water before eating. If you cannot swallow capsules with water, you can swallow them unchewed with some food, but you should still rinse them with a glass of water.

Any Locerin side effects?

There are no side effects from Locerin known. It should nevertheless be borne in mind that intolerances or allergic reactions may be triggered by the constituents. In case of existing intolerances or allergies, you should definitely take a look at the ingredients before use.

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Locerin Classified as what?

You can buy the capsules without a prescription. The preparation is not classified as a medicine, but only as a dietary supplement.

The product needs that long until an effect occurs:

For a good effect, you should of course take the product correctly and regularly. If you follow this, it will stop the hair loss after about 30 days. Yes, stop, not just reduce! After about 60 days hair growth is effectively stimulated above average. This means that from then on your hair density will increase and your hair will grow faster. You can also see the effect of the product on your hair now. They shine more and become noticeably smoother. You seem really alive now! After about 90 days, the new, strong hair can already be recognized at the base and the old hair looks as if it has been reborn. The color is more intense and generally it looks much healthier.

After the 90 days you can continue to watch what happens on your head as the new hair grows out little by little. Your hair will become considerably thicker over time.

That’s why it’s Locerin so popular:

It works and this although there is no chemistry in the capsules! Locerin is a purely natural product that has no side effects and is well tolerated. No damage is done to your body with the preparation and you don’t have to pay attention to anything special.

The natural formula gives women the certainty that they cannot do anything wrong. It can simply be tried out and waited until the Locerin effect occurs.

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Experience with Locerin:

Locerin experiencesOn the internet you can read some testimonials about the product. The opinion is actually clear. Almost everyone is enthusiastic about the capsules. The reports are often filled with before and after pictures, on which you can see clear differences. Most only point out that patience has to be practiced, but that the first changes can be seen after a short time. However, the results improve from day to day, so that one is repeatedly asked about the hair.

The product delivers good results and satisfied users. Doctors have already confirmed several times that the composition in the capsules can achieve a good effect. In addition, they have no side effects and are of purely natural origin. What the doctors also confirmed was the healthy effect on the body, which is not limited to the hair.

Clinical studies have confirmed that the composition has Locerin unique properties that have an effective effect on hair and hair growth.


Locerin is a great food supplement that can be used as a cure and with which you can conjure up a more beautiful hair splendour in a healthy way. It is a natural hair growth stimulant which stimulates hair growth in a healthy way. It also helps women in younger years. To get stronger and denser hair that looks healthy and has a good grip. The scalp is cared for and split ends are removed.

The preparation does almost everything a woman could wish for her hair. Studies and field reports confirm that the product is effective. Currently there is even a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. So you can simply test the product without hesitation and let yourself be convinced.

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